Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Important - Nursery Admission Details of Delhi Schools + Common Updates Thread Delhi Nursery / KG/ 1st Class School Admissions Open / Announced Alerts 2013-2014 Session - Official Alerts - Admission Dates, Criteria, Points System, Groups Information - Parents

Dear Parents,

In continuance with our last year system, this thread would be the official thread here onwards for showing updates on the list of schools currently open for Nursery / KG admission in Delhi

All updates about the Delhi schools, whether admissions dates, criteria, guidelines, their points system etc etc would be shown here.

Please use the follow this thread at the bottom so that you get to receive all the updates.

Parents are also Requested to Contribute Any Information on Any School That They Receive based on their research..

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Breaking News - Delhi Nursery Admissions Dates and Guidelines Announced Warning

Parents are advised to practice caution applying for any schools that have come out with forms without waiting for DOE directives this year over age or dates. DOE has come out with Common Admission Schedule, that states that schools can issue forms only between 1st Jan 2013 to 15th Jan 2013 and declare first lists by 15th Feb, 2013.

Last year, many of the schools broke the norms and were not willing to admit about admissions being open on their websites or giving any last date etc when you call them up. This gives clear indication that they knew what they are practicing is wrong.

So, unless those schools are among the top schools of choice in your list for your child, don't block your money in them, which might get stuck later on if you decide to withdraw and get admission in school of your choice later on.

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